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Gain up to $200 in Acuvue rewards!

Learn how this amazing offer works!

💡 Visit and Purchase:

Start by visiting your eye doctor to get your prescription (or use your current one) and purchase your preferred ACUVUE contact lenses. This initial step sets the stage for your visual clarity and the rewards that follow.

📱 MyACUVUE Registration:

Once you've made your purchase, head over to MyACUVUE. Register your details online, providing essential information about your purchase to kickstart the reward process.

🧾 Invoice Submission:

It's seamless. Present your original, unaltered invoice to Acuvue. This step ensures that your journey from purchase to reward is smooth, and you're on your way to enjoying the benefits.

🕒 Reward Arrival:

Patience is a virtue. After approval, anticipate your rewards in your inbox within 14 days. Once received, you can redeem them for a virtual or physical ACUVUE Brand Prepaid Mastercard, ready to use anywhere.

🌟 Access the Reward Calculator:

Curious about how much you can earn? Visit the

to get an estimate tailored to your specific purchase.

Now, you're not just investing in lenses; you're investing in a clearer, rewarding vision. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your eye health and enjoy exclusive perks. 🌈✨ #AcuvuePromo #ClearVisionPerks #EyeHealth"

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